The popular outhouse races remain a fixture of WinterFest. When the Deer Park Kiwanis Club moved WinterFest from near downtown at the old community center out to Deer Park High School, the outhouse races moved with it. Unfortunately, some race observers didn’t follow. This year the Kiwanis Club wants to make the outhouse races more visible. For WinterFest 2018 the outhouse races, sponsored by Fred’s Automotive, will be held adjacent to Bob Mart on Crawford Ave.

Visibility isn’t the only reason the Kiwanis Club is relocating the outhouse races. For many years WinterFest events took place within Deer Park’s business district. The Kiwanis Club wants to again work with the business community to use WinterFest events to attract people back to local businesses. Thanks goes to Bob Reilly, owner of Bob Mart, for agreeing to get the race course set up and provide parking. Another community business leader, Doug Knight of Knight Boat Docks, has agreed to provide transportation between the High School and Bob Mart.

The outhouse races begin at noon on January 20th. For those brave soles who are interested in forming an outhouse racing team, you are encouraged to download an Outhouse Race Entry Form (see below) and bring it with you to WinterFest. Before the races you can shop the many craft booths and enjoy musical entertainment at WinterFest headquarters at Deer Park High School. While at the races, enjoy a hot drink, a snack or lunch at Bob Mart. And please, thank Bob and Doug for their help.





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