At the November Chamber luncheon, Board member Travis Hanson updated the group on the results of our September “lunch and learn” session in which attendees had been asked to provide their views on the role of the Chamber in addressing community needs.  Travis also led the group in an interesting, real-time response session in which attendees were ask to respond to a series questions dealing with some of the issues that came out of the September meeting. These included views on population growth, increasing guest/visitors and tourism to Deer Park, and efforts to bring high speed fiber network to the community. The program concluded with open ended questions about what is positive and negative about Deer Park and how should the Chamber invest future funds raised at the Chamber’s auction fundraiser. A copy of the group’s feedback is attached below.

For those who attended the meeting we learned some interesting and helpful information that we can add to what’s already been collected to help keep the Chamber moving in the right direction and help influence future decision making.



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