Bailey Ostrom (L) and Kelly Alexander speaking about digital media marketing at the May 2018 Chamber luncheon.

This month’s chamber luncheon featured Bailey Ostrom, Media Specialist and Kelly Alexander, Digital Development Specialist with Phase 3 Digital who spoke to chamber members about how to use digital media marketing to elevate their businesses. They reminded attendees about the amount of information people leave behind as they rely more and more on digital media and platforms to function in their every day lives. When they shop, bank, book travel, take online courses, or just look at the news they give so much information about themselves and its left behind as “breadcrumbs” for businesses to tap into and target with their message. The goal is to match that unique need of a business to reach an audience that would truly find their message relevant and useful so that businesses aren’t shooting in the dark. They concluded their program by reminding attendees to ask these 3 key questions to determine where to spend their marketing dollars:

  1. What is the value and purpose of your product or service?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. And what is the best platform on which to reach them?

Whatever businesses do — and no matter how big or small their budget, keep finding better answers to these core marketing questions and success won’t hinge on any one platform.

To view their full presentation please click on the following link: deer-park-conference-power-point-final



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