At this month’s chamber luncheon, chamber members will again be treated to an overview and update of Deer Park High School’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program. District Superintendent and Chamber Board member Travis Hanson, along with faculty and students, will provide luncheon attendees with information regarding the origin and evolution of the CTE Program at Deer Park High School. The luncheon meeting will be held in the school library.

Deer Park High School’s Career and Technical Education Program trains students for careers in a number of subject areas including graphic design, wood and metalworking, engineering, media production, communication technology/information technology, business, agriculture, as well as bio-medical/forensic science. These courses are academically rigorous and provide students with not only the fundamental skills that are required for post-secondary admission but also the technical skills that will prepare them for successful careers in the highly technical, global economy. Whether a student is going straight to work after high school, to a two-year or four-year college, or a trade school, students will earn responsible work ethic and skills to guide them to success in their future. Chamber members will leave the luncheon and tour with a renewed sense of excitement and appreciation for the quality instruction teachers are providing kids and for the incredible things kids are doing at Deer Park High School.

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