If you were driving on US Highway 395 in Deer Park last weekend you may have seen some activity in the right-of-way next to Parkway Motors. Crews from NW Canopy were replacing the old, manual highway sign with a new digital sign.  This project was a commitment of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce and was made possible through funds raised at the Chamber’s first annual dinner and auction last October. However, the project would not have happened without the generosity of Bob Reilly, owner of Bob Mart, who discounted the sale of his previously used digital sign for the project, planning and technical assistance from NW Canopy, and support from the City of Deer Park.

While the sign has been installed we are currently waiting on the installation of WiFi equipment to allow us to remotely update the sign. We hope to have this equipment installed shortly and have the sign up and running soon thereafter.  We appreciate your patience. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


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