Attention all mystery lovers!
The annual Mayor’s WinterFest rock is in the process of finding its secret location for 2019. Two clues will be provided. Both are shown below.

The rock will not be placed until after the second clue is released. The lucky rock finder MUST bring the rock to opening ceremonies of 2019 WinterFest which is held at the Deer Park High School Commons area (800 S. Weber) at 10:00 AM on Saturday, January 19th.

The winner will receive $50 cash, courtesy of Mayor, Tim Verzal and a 2019 WinterFest Sweatshirt donated by the Deer Park Tribune.

**Please note the rock will be placed visible enough to locate WITHOUT digging, possibly right under the snow. Only one winner will receive the prize.

Mayor’s 2019 WinterFest Rock Clue #1

You can find me hiding on main

From my spot I watch the train

Happily sitting on a nest of flowers

My hosts are only open during daylight hours


Mayor’s 2019 WinterFest Rock Clue # 2

My host serves lots of tasty food

Drinks too, if it suits your mood

Though I am covered overhead

Out in the cold is where I lay in my bed



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