The main Settlers Parade will be taking place on July 25th at 10AM. The parade will start at various locations on East Crawford and proceed to Main Avenue, to Fourth Street and left on Fourth Street to Mix Park.

Contact Sue (509) 276-2433 or Julie at (509) 276-2670 for Parade Entry.


  1. Floats-Royalty
  2. Horse Groups AGE 18+ Must have Pooper Scooper
  3. Horse Groups AGE 17- Must have Pooper Scooper
  4. Pooper Scooper. To be judged separately.
  5. Commercial
  6. Classic Car 1954 and older
  7. Classic Car 1955 and newer
  8. Service Groups
  9. Marching Groups
  10. Non-Judged Groups
  11. Novelty
  12. Car Show





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