Run for the Kids Logo-PostingEvery day many of our students come to school hungry. The school meals are in many cases the only well balanced meals they receive. Sadly, many children then spend the weekend without sufficient nourishment. Through the Bite2Go program, students are sent home with small meals they can open and access by themselves. Nothing requires cooking or heating.  Many students count on these meals to sustain them over the weekend. Initially the funding for this program was made available by a local church from a grant and through private donations. Recently, it was learned that the grant support for this program was in question and the program would not continue.  This fun run event is an opportunity for our community to get together and help support these students. The course is a fun and easy run for the family. This course starts and finishes at Deer Park Elementary.  For a copy of the event registration form, go to the Chamber website Event Calendar for September 10th and download the attached form. The Deer Park Kiwanis Club is helping to organize the event.

Contact: Shanna Feist [email protected] or Amy Lindh [email protected] for more information.



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