The following is a transcript of a speech given by Frank Binder, District Manager for Avista Utilities, at the November 29th ground breaking ceremony at the Deer Park Light Industrial Park. An open house is planned for this summer when construction is completed. The construction of a new Deer Park Service Center is part of Avista’s long-term construction plan and will play an essential role in providing safe and reliable service to customers in that area. The new Service Center is located at the corner of Airport Road and East 6th Street in Deer Park, just west of the Airport on Cedar. For a copy of Frank’s speech see the link below.

Welcome to the Deer Park Service Center Ribbon Cutting and Ground Breaking Ceremony

We’re finally here! We’re finally getting started. I am going to touch on the what, and the why we are building the new service center and then take a minute to recognize the folks for their hard work that went into the Commercial/Industrial Development.


Avista is constructing a new 24,000 square-foot service center.

The project will allow Avista to:

  • Accommodate 16,500 customers in the  Deer Park and the surrounding area, such as Colbert, Chattaroy, Elk, Clayton and Loon Lake.
  • Support local operations during storms and power outages in the north Spokane County and Stevens County regions to help serve an additional 34,000 customers.
  • Update the building components, systems, and equipment that have deteriorated over time in the existing building, built in 1971.
  • Construction has begun and will be completed in 2018.


Estimated Cost Savings

  • Cost savings, resulting from increased efficiency and production capabilities of Avista employees
  • Potential for increased longevity of service trucks due to a heated covered shop to help preserve the vehicles and tools.
  • Better deterrent for theft concerns of materials, vehicles, or equipment

 Customer Benefits

  • Direct economic impact. Avista awarded ZBA Architecture and Baker Construction the contract which preserves and creates local jobs, stimulating the local economy.
  • Faster response time of field crews due to a centralized location between Highway 2 and Highway 395, especially during outages.
  • Increased reliability of electric and gas operations.
  • Increased customer safety, especially during a weather event such as an electric outage.

 Safety Elements

  • Reduced risk of backing accidents.
  • Clearly articulated paths of service vehicle traffic on site.
  • Separate employee and visitor parking from service yard traffic.
  • Providing necessary clearances for maneuvering forklifts and materials.
  • Easier access to the new site for operations vehicles. Avista truck and trailer configurations are approximately 70 feet long. Currently, there is difficulty getting into our existing service center, and occasionally Avista blocks street traffic onto the public roads.
  • Elimination of Avista vehicle congestion within the Deer Park downtown area.
  • Dedicated area for snow removal. Currently, snow is piled near public streets and melting snow occasionally floods the existing storage building on site.


Now, I’d like to take a minute to recognize the folks for their hard work that went into the Commercial/Industrial development. I apologize in advance if I leave anyone out.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers: Cathy was present at the beginning of this project and she was present when we opened the road to the new Commercial/Industrial Development. This project is a testament to her support for Deer Park, our businesses, and our community. Thank you, Cathy. 

Mayor Wisman: Mayor Wisman called me during the early stages of the Commercial/Industrial Development to ask if Avista would provide the infrastructure with electricity and gas. I made the commitment that we would, and we honored that commitment. Mayor Wisman was excited to hear Avista was planning on building a new facility and he remains passionate about this project and the positive impact it will have on the Deer Park community. Mayor Wisman, thank you for your hard work, dedication and support.

Our Deer Park City Council Members: Steve, Dee, Don and Joe: Thank you for the vision to see how this Business Park would benefit and positively impact the Deer Park community by providing business opportunity, growth and future jobs.

Penny Loomis: Penny was a key contributor to the project, she kept us moving in the right direction. Penny helped keep the development top of mind from infancy to implementation. She helped with the communications when the EDA dollars were awarded. Penny played a very important role and we appreciate her support and energy that helped push this project forward. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

Doug Knight: You made the first commitment to build and helped acquire federal dollars needed. You’ve built a state of the art manufacturing facility and you’ve offered your assistance to Avista at every turn. Thank you and we look forward to being your neighbor for years to come.

Marty Wold: Marty has worked on many economic development projects and is an advocate for the Deer Park Commercial Development. Marty shared his knowledge, his know how, and experience on processes. His knowledge and connections proved to be a huge benefit along the way. Thank you, Marty.

Joe Tortorelli: Joe had the original vision to promote jobs in the Deer Park area, bring industry and commercial business with “Ready” building sites. He also advocated for the needed infrastructure. His connections, networking, and experience helped move this project forward. We’re grateful for Joe’s work soliciting new opportunities and promoting local businesses. Thank you, Joe.

Avista is excited to be a part of this Commercial/Industrial Development.

Special thanks to all of the property owners for forming the LID (Local Improvement Development). It’s amazing when a group of like-minded individuals come together what can be accomplished. Thank you all for your hard work and success.

For over 128 years we’ve been building relationships with neighbors, companies and our community. Avista made the prudent decision to stay inside the city limits to maintain our community relationship. We’re your partner in safety, public awareness and event involvement. We support our Deer Park community, Veterans, Sheriff and First responders.

With that…


Frank M. Binder
District Manager
Avista Utilities
Office   509-495-4215      Cell      509-570-8034
Fax      509-777-6025
[email protected]

Frank Binder’s Speech

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