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Tuesday, February 18th at 12 PM

Divots at the Golf Club

Joining us for a lunch is SNAP Business Services! They offer an array of services to businesses that include loans and assistance. Come and hear of opportunities that may help with your heating bill, repair windows or gaps in doors, and how to finance that business idea you had in mind! There is so much to explore for your business needs within SNAP. We’ll even let you know a secret that they are searching high and low for applicants into this program! Come on Deer Park, and access resources available just for you for such a time as NOW!

We’re discovering resources so you can build forward!

Hosted by Chamber of Commerce

Building a Remarkable Community

Gather as a community to explore stories in our artist community of Deer Park. Come hear stories of those in our community, let it resonate with your own story and dream with us about where we are going TOGETHER.

All who attend are encouraged in a one drink minimum purchase in support of Five North Coffee and as a thank you for their warm hospitality.

Event begins at 7 PM. This is open to public, and the community at large is encourage to join

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(left to right, back row) Nate Hoeksema (Secretary)Billy Costello, Deron Schroeder, Jeff Whittle (President)Frank Binder,
(left to right, front row) Danielle Holstine (Executive Director)Doug Knight, Petra Schilling (Vice President)Dan Roberts (Treasurer)Jennifer Shorts


We Heart (Love) Deer Park

  “We Heart Deer Park” is a community gathering headed by the Deer Park faith community to provide a great Back-To-School experience for Deer Park families! On August 26th there will be a carnival with free food, school supplies, and other giveaways to welcome the children and families of the Deer Park Elementary School and […]

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